My Station – W1RCP

Mobile Station

  • Realistic HTX-100 (10m SSB/CW)
  • MFJ 1410T 10m whip antenna
  • Yaesu FT-1900 (2M FM)
  • Diamond MR77SMA dualband antenna

The HF mobile station is not installed or in use in 2016 because 10m is dead.

QTH Station

  • Yaesu FT-1900
  • A 2m Vertical at 8′ tall
  • Icom IC-718
  • LDG IT-100 tuner
  • Hustler 5BTV vertical ground mounted with 60+ radials
  • Assorted dipoles mounted to a paint stick and deployed when needed. See this article.
  • A pink Acer Aspire One Netbook with Mint Linux
  • A Dell laptop thing with Windows Vista (it hurts to say that…)
  • A homebrew audio isolation and PTT interface for digital
  • A G0VNT PB213 Straight Key S/N 98
  • Ten-Tec 1340 QRP CW Transceiver (not a single QSO on it as of ever)


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