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Ossabaw and Wassaw Island POTA

Here is the plan for myself and Eddie Stephan on April 29, 2023. We plan to have Ossabaw on 40m for a 30 minute window around 12:15pm local time. Then we will do 20m to help anyone not local for the next hour or so.

Because it is two of us on one boat, we will do SSB only. 100 watts to a random wire on a 31’ Jackite pole on the boat. I am building a mount for it and testing it out this weekend.

Around 2:15pm we will depart for Wassaw Island. We will play there a little less. We’re trying to be back on dry land around 6pm to activate Fort McAllister before heading back home for the four hour drive. It’s going to be a long day!

Don’t worry. If you miss us, Claude Ray is going again in June.

We’re helping out about three people specifically in addition to just having fun playing radio on a boat! It’s going to make for some good YouTube footage.

A little info on the plan:

I have a 16’ Jon boat with a 20hp Mercury. It’s not made for saltwater, but I don’t care. It’s not the first time I’ve plopped it in the ocean, and it won’t be the last. I just clean it when I get home.

I’m building a mount that will use the front seat post hole to hold the 31’ Jackite pole in the air. The antenna will be a 28’ random wire with a K6ARK 9:1 balun. The rig will be a Yaesu FT-891 and a LDG tuner. I know it works because that’s my secondary (non-rove) antenna. We will have two 40Ah LifePO4 battery banks. We probably won’t need 80Ah, but better to be safe than sorry. We will also have a New Super Antenna as a back up.

We will dine on Diet Mt. Dew and meat sticks and bathe in sunscreen. The entire trip will be captured by my GoPro and our phones. I’ll upload an edited version with highlights of the trip to my YouTube channel, and on those days that the propagation doesn’t suit you, you can watch it. 😎

Eddie and I plan on rapid firing a dual Optivator activation, so we probably will rapid fire callsigns and reports so we can fit as many in as we can. It’s a long ride there and back! We hope to make many POTAfolks happy!

Arduino Controlled Fox Transmitter with DTMF Control

The Fox Box wiring diagram and parts list

Arduino Sketch zip (from Google Drive)

After making the Arduino Fox controller, I decided to take this one a little bit further by adding DTMF decoding to it so the fox could be controlled remotely. The program is much more complicated so I tried to separate the Morse Code section while leaving the DTMF portion of the program in the main Sketch.

The main part is building the circuit and programming the Arduino. At minimum, be sure to change your call sign in the morseCode.h file on line 28. Modify anything else to suit your fancy. Add more DTMF codes for even greater control. The main DTMF code is “51” to start transmitting and “50” to turn off transmitting.

Have fun and 73 de W1RCP -Rob

DIY 50 Ohm Oil Cooled Dummy Load – A Smooth Move

I couldn’t help with the laxative one liner. I had a lot of fun working on this dummy load project. It’s been in my hands for about two years. Frank, K9TIE, sent me the assembled can a few years ago, but I never went to the store to purchase the mineral oil (a laxative). I decided that I would build it since I needed a higher-power capable dummy load. Continue reading DIY 50 Ohm Oil Cooled Dummy Load – A Smooth Move

Welcome to my new ham radio blog

(old call: KK4FGM)

I have had quite a few changes lately. I applied for a vanity call sign in July 2013, and I was granted my new call sign and purchased a new house. Many things in life have changed, so now I’m blogging from scratch. If you want to view any of my past adventures, check them out at

I’m in a new home, and I live in the city with a tiny yard and neighbors, so things will be much different. Such is the life of a ham that wants to keep the surroundings happy. No more crazy towers and and the like. Everything has to be incognito now.

Hope to hear you on the air!

Robbie, W1RCP