Arduino Controlled Fox Transmitter with DTMF Control

The Fox Box wiring diagram and parts list

Arduino Sketch zip (from Google Drive)

After making the Arduino Fox controller, I decided to take this one a little bit further by adding DTMF decoding to it so the fox could be controlled remotely. The program is much more complicated so I tried to separate the Morse Code section while leaving the DTMF portion of the program in the main Sketch.

The main part is building the circuit and programming the Arduino. At minimum, be sure to change your call sign in the morseCode.h file on line 28. Modify anything else to suit your fancy. Add more DTMF codes for even greater control. The main DTMF code is “51” to start transmitting and “50” to turn off transmitting.

Have fun and 73 de W1RCP -Rob

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