Setting Up The DIY Antenna Mast

Here’s the steps to setting up my antenna:

  • Hammer a 2′ x 2.5″ PVC pipe into the ground. (Already done¬†before shooting video.)
  • I counted 26′ from center to each antenna tie down and hammered a stake into the ground. (PVC in the video and done before shooting.)
  • Insert mast into PVC pipe. (Antenna and guys are already attached.)
  • Fasten antenna to stakes.¬†(Be prepared to adjust them some when raising the mast.)
  • Raise top mast section and secure guys about 3-4 feet from top. Tighten the hose clamp holding the guys and finish raising top section.
  • Raise middle section of mast to desired height.
  • Tie guys down to ensure that mast is as straight vertically as possible. Don’t over tighten the guys.
  • Keep in mind that this is not a permanent setup. It’s probably not advisable to keep this up without checking it daily. I wouldn’t trust it to stay up in high winds.

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