What is Fox Hunting (ARDF)

Fox Hunting or Amateur Radio Direction Finding is a sport known around the world. It uses tiny, and sometimes not so tiny, transmitters that send periodic messages that others look for using radio receivers and antennas.

It’s similar to geocaching where you use latitude/longitude coordinates to look for treasure except that instead of a location you’re given a transmit frequency of the FOX. Then you use a radio and directional antenna to find the “treasure.”

If you’ve ever seen a box, tin, or ammo can with an antenna on it in public it could look pretty scary. Most transmitters will have some form of identification on it to let you know that it’s benign. I have a QR code that links to this page on my foxes along with my name, call sign, and phone number in case anyone finds it and is curious.

Anyone can fox hunt. The transmitters are owned and operated by Amateur Radio operators, but to hunt them is an activity that can be enjoyed by anyone, licensed or not. If you’re curious about fox hunting, use the web to search more information or contact a local ham radio club in your area to see if they sponsor fox hunts.