POTA Activation – Doerun Pitcherplant Bog Blog

Eddie, KO4NLL, and I were asked if we would activate the Doerun Pitcherplant Bog in Doerun, Georgia as a Parks on the Air activation. This is a blog on the steps that we took (and the best order of them) to make this happen. The park identifier is K-7882.

3-10-2021 @ 9:16am: Contacted the DNR to ask permission to transmit from the park. I was initially told that it probably won’t be allowed, but my information was passed to someone who might be better to answer that request.

3-11-2021 @ 9:55am: Contacted the DNR to follow up. I gave them a few scenarios for operation to widen the chances of being approved for operating. I said if mounting an external antenna was not allowed I could operate solely from my vehicle in the parking lot. It would only be from sun up to sun down coinciding with the park rules. She said she would speak with the supervisor.

3-11-2021 @ 10:00am: DNR returned call and said that we cannot venture into the woods to operate, but that we could operate from our vehicle using a vehicle mounted antenna.

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