Amateur Radio Go Box

Eddie, KO4NLL, and I decided to build an Amateur Radio Go Box or Bug Out Box. We wanted it to have a decent portable power supply and a small VHF/UHF radio and a small rollup antenna that could fit in the box when not being used.

We’ve seen the Hammo Cans, but we didn’t feel like we needed all of the extra gauges and plugs. We wanted enough room for extra storage for cables. There will be a SO-239 connector and an Anderson Powerpole connector for either a second device or for charging using a charger designed for LIFEPO4 batteries.

Parts List:


TYT TH-8600 Dual band radio
10AWG zip cord
1 foot Jetstream Jumper


SO-239 bulkhead
Anderson Powerpoles
Miady LFP16AH LIFEPO4 battery

From eBay:

2 Meter Slim Jim J pole VHF UHF Antenna 24ft lead-in DX King

Purchased locally:

50cal ammo can – dimensions roughly 11″x4.5″x6.25″
Nuts, wing nuts, washers, and screws 6-32 and 8-32
1/2″ angle aluminum for battery support
Spade connectors for battery
Sew type velcro
Automatic battery charger

3D printed:

Powerpole Chassis Mount Bracket


Eddie's finished go box
Eddie’s finished go box


The finished inside of the Go Box
The finished inside of the Go Box
Inside diagram of the Go Box
Inside diagram of the Go Box
The outside view of the Go Box
The outside view of the Go Box

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